I am excited about my remodel ideas, but I don't know how to start.

We are happy to give advice over the phone about general construction costs so you can link a budget to your goals. We can also point you to our favorite designers and resources. If you are ready to explore building or simply want extra help from a Seattle remodeling contractor, we can schedule a complementary visit to your site to examine existing conditions and guide you on next steps. It's part of our hospitality approach - consider us your construction concierge.

Do I need an architect?

While we cannot overemphasize the value of professional designers and a well-drawn set of construction documents, there certainly are cases where our experience is sufficient to implement good design. Cosmetic renovations and small layouts (such as kitchens, bathrooms, and decks) are candidates, especially when clients have considered with some precision what they will require from the space. We do not offer drafting services in house for two reasons: it keeps our overhead costs much lower than with a design/build format, and secondly, the quality of our work is utilized to best effect in the hands of a highly skilled designer. We simply see too many mediocre builds as a result of ad-hoc “design build” remodeling contractors. A building is an expensive thing to waste on poor design. We partner with excellent architects that can deliver every level of construction document if you would like a referral, please contact us and we'll be happy to give you one! Consider us your go-to Seattle remodeling contractor.

How do I make sure we don't design something we can't afford?

Great question! It is heartbreaking to receive a beautiful set of plans that prospective clients simply can’t afford to build. As much as we advise good design, we are equally avid about good cost-planning. We can outline the steps during an initial complementary visit, but the process is simple: have your architect work in tandem with your remodeling contractor to dial design to a specified budget and maximize your cost benefit. The nominal fee of a few hours of cost-planning can save you thousands in design and get the most value out of your end product. (Yes, we offer cost-planning.)

How high end/affordable/expensive/_(you fill in the blank) is a Blue Sound build?

We pride ourselves on offering an outstanding product for a reasonable price. When a prospective client utilizes a professional approach (hiring a designer, and reputable contractors), we are rarely the lowest bidder and rarely the highest. We competitively bid frequently, but our real value is established once the working relationship begins. We tailor build to budget and your personal requirements while never sacrificing our core values of excellent craftsmanship and client satisfaction. Our project managers-- with years of construction under their belts-- know how to flex when problems arise and skillfully lead a client through what can sometimes be scary terrain. With Blue Sound as your remodeling contractor, your contract price is delivering a professionally staffed and serviced build at the best possible rate.

What makes Blue Sound different from other builders?

Our tree is a symbol of longevity, strength, and innate beauty. It inspires us. We have worked hard to build a company that not only builds enduring, timeless structures, but that has the internal organization to allow us to create a remodel experience that is predictable, transparent, and efficient. Our employees frequently testify to the level of organization and vision not upheld by other companies; our past clients can speak to the lasting results of our efforts.

I hear remodeling is stressful! What do you do to limit the stress?

In our experience, remodeling stress is due almost entirely to unclear expectations. We work to limit stress by mapping the remodeling process as precisely as possible. You’ll know what decisions need to be made when, where to shop, how to calculate your costs, and what our site policies are. You’ll also know exactly who to call when you need guidance or clarification. As your remodeling contractor, we consider it our job to keep you feeling in control and excited about your project's progress.