Our journey began ages ago:

when the first cultures built underground tombs for their beloved leaders and learned to craft a vault, to the creature comforts of home established by the Dutch merchant class, and onward to the stunning skyscrapers built by immigrant craftsmen poised on the edge of modernity. Our story is just one of many: we are the folks that persevere in the belief that technical knowledge and craft in the service of good design can make something meaningful and profound. Blue Sound Construction was founded on that faith and perseverance in 2006.

"Be the Tree"

Our tree means a lot to us. It signifies the precious resources of our area. It hearkens the strength and stability we work to construct in buildings as well as our business. And it embodies the idea of shelter-- what Blue Sound strives to create not only for our clients, but also our employees, subcontractors, and future Seattleites. We are fortunate to live in a city that grew up during a period of beautiful architecture, and with every Seattle remodel or custom build we perform, we endeavor to craft an enduring legacy for generations to come. We mean all these things when we talk about how to "be the tree."  Growth should last.  





Company Owner / Client Concierge

Above all else, Ben is a great people person. He values his clients, colleagues, friends, and particularly his family—all five of them (four children & wife, Courtenay). His career in construction began as a union apprentice nearly 20 years ago, but he considers himself a life-long learner of the trades. He began Blue Sound Construction in 2006, continuing his family's 60 year legacy of building in the Seattle area. We think his grandfather would be especially proud of Ben's gift for establishing rapport among the building community via the Master Builder's Remodeler's Council and the informal roundtables he's set up with other respected outfits; Grandpa Ben once did the same.  See our Ben's resume to find out more.



Co-owner / Marketing

Courtenay is a phantom presence on every job; her meticulous organization has been instrumental in many of our operational processes. Our clients love her without ever knowing it. In our early days she developed crucial systems we continue to refine and oversaw our bookkeeping. Currently she spearheads our marketing and business development efforts, while maintaining a steady diet of 10-20 architectural books checked out of the library at a time.



Project manager

Jason's experience in construction is as vast and varied as the life he has led. He began in the trades as a young lad learning how to stick frame houses, eventually working his way up to becoming a master stairbuilder for luxury homes throughout the Seattle metro area. He has restored historically significant commercial properties downtown and formerly ran his own business. After a ten year stint coordinating massive construction encampments and projects for the oil and gas industry in the most remote parts of the globe, he and his equally talented wife returned home to settle in his beloved Puget Sound area. In addition to this sprawling history of experience and his fluent grasp of the Russian language, we adore Jason for his collaborative spirit, unending bouyancy, and professional project management.  



project manager

Like Ben, Kevin got his start in the union, where a surly superintendent took him under his wing and taught him everything he knew. From there it was onto framing crews, starting up his own company where he trained and employed his own sons, and working for other local high-end residential firms, until now, where his many years experience benefit Blue Sound in more ways than we could count. One of the things that attracted us to Kevin was his long history of coaching the Mercer Island basketball team. His innate sense of mentorship helps transfer knowledge through the ranks, and his calm, friendly spirit coupled with his rich construction experience keep projects firmly on course and clients thrilled. His love of family is one of the first things you'll learn about him; we have the privilege of employing one of his sons as a lead carpenter, and his granddaughter makes star appearances at evening  Blue Sound events.  





Bookkeeper / office manager

Fittingly, Kathy's background hails from hospitality. In her younger years she worked for the Bellevue Hyatt Hotel and as an assistant to the Canlis family of Canlis Restaurant. She received an MA in Education and undertook the most hospitable career of all in teaching high school, but spent several intervening years raising her three children before returning to the workforce. Her patient, organized, and thoughtful ways keep our books in perfect order, but her influence extends throughout the company with small touches that make a world of difference. Who knew your whole day could turn for the better when candy comes presented in a crystal bowl? As the nexxus point for our employees, clients, subcontractors, and suppliers, Kathy is the perfect representation of the generous spirit we hope to infuse in our Blue Sound culture.



Roving Lead Carpenter

Paco is Blue Sound's longest serving employee, having been personally trained by Ben starting in 2009. Since then, his problem-solving abilities, quality-control, and on-point combination of client care and forthrightness have made him a pillar of Blue Sound's company culture. Clients love him, co-workers respect him, children adore him, and anyone off -the- mark fears him. To us, he is family.



Lead Carpenter

JC has a long history as a carpenter. He's worked on the full gamut: multi-million dollar luxury homes in Hawaii, full apartment re-clads, and small scale fine construction. His thoughtful, kind demeanor, clear communication, and forward thinking make him a favorite among clients and project managers.  


Stay tuned!  There's more! 

We regretfully do not have pictures or bios of some of our favorite teammates: Scotty, Brock, Juan, Betto, Mark, Chris, Brian, Miguel, Victor, and Gregory. Coming Soon!